get rid of blackheads 2016

Effective Home Remedies For Oily Skin That Really WorkPeople more regularly affected by blackheads are those with oily skin and large pores. Appearing as yellowish or blackish pores or bumps on the facial skin, blackheads are annoying and frustrating. On severe cases, they can even hinder you from attending parties and socializing with people. The main areas that blackheads affect are the neck, back, chest and face where sebum glands are active. So it is very important to get rid of blackheads.
So what causes blackheads in the first place? When sebum, congested toxins, and skin oil secrete through the skin from lymph fluids that supply nutrients to your skin, blackheads form and appear. The following are the things that cause blackheads.

– Stress
– Oily skin
– Poor hygiene
– Hormones
– Genetics
– Over application of makeup
– Accumulated dirt on the skin
– Squeezing the skin
– Other medications

You can get rid of blackheads by preventing it from happening. Since our body has oils ducts lying at the base of sebum glands, these glands are prone to blockage with the effect of the causes mentioned above. As a result, blackheads form and become visible.

A variety of methods for eliminating blackheads is available. These include home remedies, over-the-counter medication, as well as dermatologist treatment. Many home treatments cost little to nothing. Store bought cleansers and medications also help alleviate the problem. If neither cures blackheads, dermatological help may be worth a try.

Treatment at home is easy to achieve, and a good way to begin eradicating blackheads. Steaming the face starts the process of unplugging pores. This can be accomplished by boiling a pot of water, draping a towel over one’s head, then putting the face over the steam for ten to fifteen minutes. Cleansing and exfoliation can be done at this point. Exfoliation clears the pores of dead skin cells and excess dirt and oil. Honey can be applied to the affected area, left on for ten minutes then washed off.
Next, cleanse and exfoliate, which clears the pores of dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum. Two different blackhead extraction methods can be chosen.

A major ingredient in over the counter treatments is Benzoyl Peroxide. It works by killing acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation and unclogging pores. This ingredient can be found in cleansers, creams, and lotions. Sulfur and resorcinol are combined in products to slough dead skin cells and dry the skin. Salicylic Acid works similarly by decrease some skin cells that are shed and preventing breakouts.

Over the counter medications and cleansers are very helpful. Benzoyl peroxide is a major component that unclogs pores by killing bacteria and decreasing swelling. Tea tree oil is an organic substance. It is applied straight to the affected area, and also kills bacteria and decreases oil buildup. Salicylic acid is a topical application that reduces the number of skin cells shed, thus keeping pores unclogged. Lastly, resorcinol and sulfur are united in skin creams to exfoliate dead skin cells and decrease oil production.

Topical and oral medications prescribed by a licensed dermatologist may be the next step toward combating this skin problem. Also, procedures such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion are effective. Skin does become tender and red after either of these and requires some time to heal.

Topical application of a cream containing hydroquinone will bleach scars. Another method is to apply liquid vitamin E directly to scars. Both of these topical treatment methods will fade scars within six months.

Hydroquinone ointments and vitamin E both help fade scars in about can also consider natural ways to eliminate and prevent blackheads and acne.

1. Healthy lifestyle:

A good way to get rid of blackheads is by drinking plenty of water, exercising, sleeping well at night, try to reduce stress levels. When you care for your body it affects your skin, if you want to remove blackheads it is important to follow this advice as it would not only help you better your skin long term, your overall condition will also benefit.

2. Cleaning your face

Washing your face with a mild cleanser twice daily is good for your skin. This you can do once in the morning and once before bedtime. Avoid using soap too harsh for your face as using such would not help you, doing this can worsen your pimple instead of helping to eliminate it.

3. Be careful with your diet

Be careful with your diet, your diet should contain a healthy mix of the four food groups, with a good amount of fruits and vegetables.

4. Stop all bad habits

Try to avoid things like smoking, alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks. These habits can block your skin pores and cause acne.

5. Give your skin a break from time to time

Let your skin breath from time to time. Since the products you use for acne may contain ingredients that may be hard for your skin, you would also discover that some treatments may not be the solution to your acne problem, at such times it becomes necessary that you allow your skin to rest before starting another treatment.

Many alternatives exist for how to get rid of blackheads. However, excessive use of any of these remedies may worsen the problem. Caution should be used when choosing a treatment plan.